Airspeeder Flying Car Racing Series confirms Intel as official intelligence partner

Airspeeder Flying Car Racing Series confirms Intel as official intelligence partner

27.03.2023: • Intel joins Airspeeder as its new Official Intelligence Partner in a strategic sponsorship agreement; to provide end-to-end systems support and insights to help power the world’s first flying electric car racing series • Announcement coincides with

•    Intel joins Airspeeder as its new Official Intelligence Partner in a strategic sponsorship agreement; to provide end-to-end systems support and insights to help power the world’s first flying electric car racing series

•    Announcement coincides with public unveiling of the new Mk4 Airspeeder at Adelaide’s Motorsport Festival


Airspeeder is delighted to announce a new collaboration with Intel that brings the global tech giant’s computing technologies to flying car racing. As the Airspeeder Series’ Official Intelligence Partner, Intel® Core® processor and Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors will help shape the sport to maximise its appeal to racers and fans alike.   

The new strategic sponsorship deal was revealed in a joint presentation at the Motorsport Show in Adelaide on March 25th, where Adelaide-based Alauda unveiled its new Mk4 Airspeeder Mk4 – the first-ever piloted craft to take part in the Airspeeder race series.

At the vehicle and network level, devices powered by Intel Core processors and Intel Xeon Scalable processors are already providing pilots with enhanced real-time telemetry data, helping them and their engineering teams make informed, split-second decisions in the heat of competition.

At the same time, Intel is collaborating with the Airspeeder design team on all technology aspects of the Mk4 Speeder whilst under development; from design to control to operations to give pilots the precise control so critical in high-speed, low-altitude racing. Underpinning all this is Intel’s commitment to making all aspects of computing and manufacturing more sustainable – a perfect fit with Airspeeder’s near-zero emissions propulsion system, based on pioneering electric and green hydrogen technology.  

This technical collaboration extends to pilot training simulators and the Race Day experience. Utilising Intel’s suite of high-powered Core and Xeon processing units, Airspeeder is revolutionising the way pilots train and race.

Intel's Core and Xeon processors are integral to the MK3 Pilot Simulator, used by each of the Airspeeder EXA pilots for training purposes. On race day, Intel is powering the AR skytracks that the pilots race on with Core and Xeon processors, as well as the ground cockpits from which pilots control their remote racing craft. Additionally, Intel will be powering the Mk4 Simulators, already being tested by Airspeeder's first-generation Mk4 pilots as they progress into crewed craft, flying in 2023 and racing in 2024.

After the race, Alauda's engineering team can replicate the race data on a digital twin for vehicle performance analysis, while Airspedeer's media team utilises it for broadcast and audience engagement, all powered by Intel processors.

This collaboration between Airspedeer and Intel is transforming the world of aerial motorsport and pushing the limits of what's possible. By leveraging Intel's cutting-edge technologies, Airspeeder is delivering an unparalleled experience for pilots, engineers, and fans alike.

Alauda is using Airspeeder racing as a platform to invest in, test and develop the new electrical vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) technology critical for a connected and vertical-enabled mobility future. Leveraging Intel’s experience in pervasive connectivity, Alauda and will be able to push the boundaries of personal urban mobility further and faster than ever before.

The concept of ‘electric flying taxis’ is already being actively pursued by major names including Uber, Daimler, Toyota, Hyundai and Airbus: Morgan Stanley estimates the sector could be worth $1.5 trillion by 2040.

“We’re incredibly excited to have Intel on board. The technology, insight and innovation it’s bringing to Airspeeder will transform our racing series, making it even more immersive and dynamic for pilots and spectacular for our audiences.

Just as importantly, Intel’s ‘pervasive connectivity’ perfectly matches our vision of an always-connected, vertical-enabled future. Through the actionable insights provided by AI, we can achieve next-level eVTOL performance and control, which we see as the key to unlocking the future of private air mobility.”

Matt Pearson, Founder, Alauda & Airspeeder

“This is another example of Intel continuing to deliver the compute power needed to stretch the notion of what’s possible, make what was once science fiction a reality, and transform the way we live our lives.

Helping Airspeeder bring this new concept to life has the potential to not only change the way we race, but also opens up endless possibilities in urban mobility.”

Andrew McLean, Managing Director ANZ, Intel



Airspeeder is the racing series conceived by performance electric flying car marque, Alauda. Elite pilots drawn from aviation, motorsport and even eSports will navigate electrically governed courses above some of the most visually arresting locations in the world.

Electric racing multicopters created by Alauda will fly at speeds of up to 130km/h. Airspeeder GP seasons will be contested by teams who will purchase the original craft and equipment from Alauda, the Airspeeder series’ exclusive manufacturer but will be given freedom to set race strategy and recruit pilots from a pool of elite pilot academy graduates. This will create a technologically even playing field, encouraging greater control for teams to dictate strategy. This approach has been compared to the highly successful Formula E racing series.


Matt Pearson is the founder and visionary behind Alauda and Airspeeder. Together with a team of engineers, designers and commercial minds spanning Australia, New York and London, he is accelerating the development of electric flying vehicles through the white heat of sporting competition.

Beyond his role as a defining voice in the future of mobility, Matt is driving the rapidly expanding Industrial Internet of Things space through his work at Fleet Space Technologies. From their base in South Australia millions of devices are being connected via Low Earth Orbit through a growing network of nano satellites.


Airspeeder is the most exciting sporting entity on the planet. Founded on the belief that technical development is accelerated in the white heat of competition, Airspeeder is defining the future of mobility by hastening the arrival of the technologies that will drive the flying car mobility revolution. This bold vision is realised by elite technical minds from the cutting-edge of the aviation and motorsport worlds.


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