The New BMW K 1600 GTL Exclusive

The New BMW K 1600 GTL Exclusive

20.11.2013: BMW K 1600 GTL Exclusive Luxury Touring Par Excellence The BMW K 1600 GTL Exclusive takes two-wheeled travel

BMW K 1600 GTL Exclusive Luxury Touring Par Excellence

The BMW K 1600 GTL Exclusive takes two-wheeled travel to a whole new level with a 118 kW (160 hp) in-line six-cylinder engine that melds superlative power, stylish design and superb standards of equipment and comfort

Leading the BMW Motorrad tourer range, the “Exclusive” model already lays claim to class-beating specifications as standard equipment – central locking with anti-theft alarm system and ESA II (electronic suspension adjustment) for an optimum spring/damper setup regardless of load.

The Dynamic Traction Control (DTC) enhances safety when accelerating, while the innovative new Hill Start Control feature takes all the hard work out of pulling away uphill, even when carrying a passenger and full luggage. Plus, like all BMW motorcycles, the K 1600 GTL Exclusive comes equipped with BMW Motorrad ABS as standard.

The film antenna for the radio that is embedded in the topcase lid is a world first and ensures the best possible reception quality without sacrificing the bike’s appearance. Long-distance travel comfort for the pillion passenger is taken to greater heights by a new seat, a heated backrest and comfortable armrests.

Also found on the list of standard equipment: LED auxiliary headlights, adaptive xenon headlight, Tire Pressure Monitor, additional brake light, engine protection bar, floor lighting, as well as LED daytime running light and, for the first time on a BMW motorcycle, Keyless Ride.

The styling of the “Exclusive” model also spells pure luxury – from the fuel tank’s aluminum molding and fully chromed exhaust system to the new-look instrumentation.

The color scheme for the new K 1600 GTL Exclusive adds to the sense of elegance and aesthetic appeal. The bodywork’s four-coat paint finish in Mineral white metallic high gloss complements the striking chrome surfaces, contrasting shade of Magnesium metallic matt and the Glacier silver metallic radiator . The color-coordinated seat cushion upholstery, backrest and pillion passenger armrests add the perfect finishing touch.

Technology and design.

The new BMW K 1600 GTL Exclusive – luxury touring with six-cylinder power and impressive specification.

Safety, superlative equipment, comfort and dynamic power are must-have qualities for a touring bike of the highest caliber. BMW Motorrad already redefined those standards with the introduction of the K 1600 GTL in 2010.

Boasting the most compact in-line six-cylinder unit to be fitted on a standard production bike, the K 1600 GTL took riding characteristics, long-distance capabilities and comfort to a whole new dimension, fusing supreme agility and handling dynamics with a luxurious all-round package.

BMW Motorrad is now upping the ante again with the new K 1600 GTL Exclusive, which combines the exceptional travel and touring qualities of the K 1600 GTL with equipment features and comfort of the very highest order to position itself at the pinnacle of the BMW Motorrad tourer line-up.

Like its predecessor, the new K 1600 GTL Exclusive is powered by the sensational six-in-line engine, which ensures effortless response under all conditions with its output of 118 kW (160 hp), peak torque of 175 Newton metres (129 lb-ft) and exceptionally smooth running.

The new K 1600 GTL Exclusive lives up to riders’ expectations of an outstanding touring motorcycle, offering luxurious comfort , an extensive list of innovative standard features, and top-shelf styling.


New instrumentation dials and sophisticated chrome surfaces.

The instrument cluster and area in the driver’s immediate field of vision deliver a distinctively upmarket feel. The cluster’s dials now feature brand new scales in the form of indirectly illuminated light boxes.

This novel technology, unique to BMW Motorrad and the rest of the industry, is more aesthetically pleasing and improves visibility on both daytime and night-time rides. The chrome edging surrounding the four speakers lends a sophisticated styling touch to the rider’s exclusive workstation.

The chromed finish on other elements, such as the headlight interior, the entire exhaust system with its remodelled plating around the catalytic converter, the mirrors, the brake fluid reservoir and the engine protection bar, adds to the new K 1600 GTL Exclusive’s refined styling.

Enlarged seat area, armrests and new heated backrest to offer pillion passengers the best possible comfort.

Passengers are seated more comfortably than ever on the new BMW K 1600 GTL Exclusive. The pillion seat has been widened and lengthened at the rear. The standard armrests are complemented by a backrest that has been extended up to the lower topcase area and features a heated upper section. 

All of these features offer riding companions maximum comfort over long distances and add up to undiluted touring pleasure.

Keyless Ride and central locking to maximize ease of use and security.

For the first time on a BMW motorcycle, the conventional ignition/steering lock has been replaced by the Keyless Ride system, eliminating the need to use a key in the normal fashion.  Instead, the steering lock, ignition, fuel filler flap and central locking are all controlled by a transponder integrated into the key, allowing riders to keep their key where it belongs – in their pocket. 

When the key is within the vehicle’s reception range ( < 6.5 ft.) and has been successfully authenticated, the steering lock can be released with a brief press of the pushbutton control. The steering is locked again by holding the pushbutton down and turning the handlebars to the full lock position.

The ignition is activated by briefly pressing the pushbutton control or by holding it down after releasing the steering lock. The ignition is switched off by a brief or prolonged press of the pushbutton.

The pushbutton control also unlocks the fuel filler flap electrically. To open, just lift up the fuel filler flap.  Once refuelling is complete, the fuel filler flap can simply be pressed back into place.

The anti-theft alarm system is activated automatically with the ignition switched off and the steering locked as soon as the key moves out of range. It is also possible to activate the anti-theft alarm system manually.

The new BMW K 1600 GTL Exclusive’s central locking system also controls cases and storage compartments. Unlocking is triggered automatically when the ignition is activated or by manually using the key’s remote control or the pushbutton on the handlebar. Locking is activated manually in similar fashion with the remote control or the pushbutton.

In addition to the Keyless Ride transponder and the control buttons for the central locking and the anti-theft alarm system, the smartly designed key includes a fold-out key bit, which allows all locks on the bike to be operated manually in the conventional way, if necessary.

Hill Start Control for comfortably pulling away uphill with ease.

The K 1600 GTL Exclusive is BMW Motorrad’s first model with an in-line engine to feature the new Hill Start Control function, which allows riders to effortlessly remain stopped on uphill slopes with the engine running without having to keep the brake lever pressed. This “BMW first” makes it far easier to perform hill starts and is a particularly valuable aid on a fully laden tourer.

Thanks to the partially integral ABS braking system, the rear brake can be operated individually for this purpose. It allows pressure to build up in the rear wheel’s hydraulic brake unit when the Hill Start Control is activated and hold the motorcycle steady on an incline.

The Hill Start Control is purely a convenience feature that is designed to facilitate stopping and starting on a hill and is separate from a parking brake. It is activated by squeezing the hand-operated brake lever tightly, triggering a stop symbol in the display. The system is deactivated by either pressing the brake lever again or pulling away in first or second gear.

Dynamic Traction Control (DTC) to maximize safety when accelerating.

The K 1600 GTL Exclusive is equipped as standard with Dynamic Traction Control (DTC). This is a key factor contributing to the bike’s superlative handling and safety.

The DTC traction control proves to be a particularly valuable rider aid during fluctuating operating conditions, road conditions with poor grip or sudden changes in road surfaces.

Integral film antenna for optimum radio reception and exclusive styling.

The new K 1600 GTL Exclusive’s radio film antenna is another world-first for BMW Motorrad.  Never before has a motorcycle’s conventional rod antenna been successfully replaced with a film antenna without sacrificing reception quality.

The new film antenna has been installed discreetly between the inner lining of the topcase lid and the painted outer shell, where it ensures reception quality that is on a par with a rod antenna. This also enhances the visual appearance of the K 1600 GTL Exclusive, as the film antenna blends with the overall styling and gives the machine a distinctly uniform, contemporary look.

Adaptive xenon headlight, LED auxiliary headlights and floor lighting.

As one of the most advanced motorcycles of its time, the new K 1600 GTL Exclusive goes to great lengths to ensure that riders can both see and be seen as clearly as possible.

The new K 1600 GTL Exclusive is equipped with an adaptive xenon headlight.  In addition to the pitch leveling that takes place during braking and acceleration, the low beam adjusts to compensate for the lean angle of the motorcycle. Together, the two compensatory movements direct the beam of light into the bend, following the road ahead. This results in vastly improved road illumination and active riding safety.

For greater visibility when riding in adverse weather conditions, the K 1600 GTL Exclusive is fitted with LED auxiliary headlights at the sides below the fairing. Topping the list of lighting features is an additional brake light integrated into the topcase, as well as floor lighting that stays on for a period when the remote control central locking is activated and after dismounting.

ESA II electronic suspension adjustment for optimum adaptation to all operating requirements and vehicle loads.

The new K 1600 GTL Exclusive comes standard with the benefits of the highly sophisticated Electronic Suspension Adjustment II (ESA II) system.

This system allows the rider to adjust not only the rebound damping for the front and rear spring struts and the spring preload of the rear spring strut, but also the strut’s spring rate and therefore the “firmness” of the springs – at the press of a button. The result is outstanding stability and impressive response regardless of the load.


Tire Pressure Monitor (TPM) with gradient monitorin

The Tire Pressure Monitor (TPM) employs a remarkably lightweight and compact receiver control unit and special wheel sensors to keep a close eye on the tire pressure. In addition to the tire pressure warning threshold, the system is also capable of gradient monitoring. This means, for example, that a sudden loss of pressure will also trigger a warning before the critical threshold is reached, further enhancing safety.


Exclusive composition of colors and surfaces.

The new K 1600 GTL Exclusive exudes a stylish, elegant and exclusive personality thanks to its numerous chrome details and artfully inspired color palette.

The Mineral white metallic high gloss paint finish that is applied to the bodywork in four coats lends this motorcycle a tremendous sense of class and distinction. The harmonious blend of the main body color with the subtle contrasting shade of Magnesium metallic matt creates an appearance that is brimming with both poise and elegance.

Together with the Glacier silver metallic radiator shroud and the Magnesium silver upholstery on the seat cushions, backrest and pillion passenger armrests, the K 1600 GTL Exclusive will certainly turn heads.

Equipment range.

Options and accessories.

Although the BMW K 1600 GTL Exclusive comes comprehensively equipped as standard, a range of optional equipment and special accessories is available for further customization.

Factory Options are integrated into the production process. Accessories are retrofit items that can be added by BMW Motorrad dealers or customers themselves.


    Low seat, one-piece 750 mm (29.5 in).
    High seat, 810 mm (31.9 in).


Storage .

    Impact protection for side-cases, 4-piece.
    Storage Compartment Organizer for top-case lid.

Ergonomics and comfort.

    High windscreen.


    Twin Akrapovic sport silencers (mufflers).
    BMW Motorrad Navigator V.
    BMW Motorrad Communication System
        iPod adapter cable.
        Additional (3rd) on-board power socket.

        Color matched Helmets
- BMW Motorrad USA partnered with Schuberth North America to develop an exclusive color matched helmet in Mineral White High Gloss. The Schuberth C3 Pro and C3 Pro Women are Schuberth’s top-of-the-line, award winning flip-up helmets and the only helmets approved for installation of the BMW Communications System. 

Schuberth GmbH. has been producing premium motorcycle helmets for over 50 years and is known worldwide for wind-tunnel developed helmets that are light, quiet and aerodynamic. The special K 1600 GTL Exclusive color matched helmets will only be available for retail sale at authorized BMW Motorrad dealers in the USA. 


Roy Oliemuller, photos BMW


20.11.2013 / MaP

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