McLaren Artura Design

McLaren Artura Design

17.02.2021: Design All-new body, all-new interior; design principles guided by purity, technical sculpture and functional jewellery Perfect supercar proportions – ‘cab-forward’ stance; long, low sleek nose; long roofline, very fast windscreen angle


    All-new body, all-new interior; design principles guided by purity, technical sculpture and functional jewellery

    Perfect supercar proportions – ‘cab-forward’ stance; long, low sleek nose; long roofline, very fast windscreen angle

    Organic, ‘shrink-wrapped’ bodywork, following philosophy of ‘everything for a reason’

“Our mission was to create a piece of pure technical sculpture, where technology doesn’t distract but enhances the visual experience. We were guided throughout by three key phrases – purity, technical sculpture and functional jewellery. The purity is not only purity of line, but also in the integration of components; technical sculpture references the need to be stunning to look at, but there for a reason, like the forms you see in nature; while functional jewellery is best explained by the fact that we don’t decorate, we do what is needed and make it beautiful.”

Rob Melville, Design Director

The McLaren Artura’s pure, minimalist aggressive beauty appears almost effortless, but nothing could be further from the truth. The design mission was as sharply focused as every other aspect of this game-changing supercar programme.

The Artura has perfect supercar proportions – a long, low sleek nose, long roofline, very fast windscreen angle and very ‘cab-forward’ stance. Coupled with a compact wheelbase, 19-inch and 20-inch wheels and high fenders and haunches, the result is a superb dynamic feel overall, enhanced by the extremely compact rear overhang.

Viewing the Artura head-on, the signature hammerhead line is clearly visible running forward across the front, dissecting the airflow down into the radiators or accelerating it over the bonnet. The line ‘kicks up’ in the outboard corners, leading your eye into the eye-socket features that house the deeply rebated static adaptive headlamps.

The lights are so deeply recessed that they alone give the Artura a mean, menacing look, contributing to the overall appearance of a car that displays a rare combination of both beauty and aggression. The large side intakes also help to endow the Artura with a striking visual character, captured in a pinched waist, powerful nose and particularly curvaceous rear haunches linked by a tightly packed core.

The Artura’s sense of purity is achieved partly through the reduction in shutlines, which creates a visual cleanliness that emphasises the bold form language. The air intakes in the nose and doors cut deeply into the body, while the elegant flying buttresses appear to ‘pool’ where they fall from the single-piece aluminium roof to meet the bodywork, creating a graceful visual effect in the remarkable one-piece rear clamshell.

Every vent, duct, fold, even the door mirrors, have a specific purpose in managing airflow, cooling radiators, optimising downforce and enabling onboard technology. Vented louvres on the front fenders, for example, reduce pressure in the wheelarches and guide ‘dirty’ air away from the side intakes; while ‘clean’ air is guided into those intakes via a complex aero path involving sculpted door channels.

The side intakes conceal the discreet inlets that feed air to the intake manifolds, along with the high-temperature radiators (HTRs) which cool the powertrain. The HTRs, which feature a new core technology, are a complex elliptical shape to ensure the maximum surface area is placed within the airflow. They’re also much smaller, having less engine capacity to cool.

The intake for the eHVAC system (along with the ADAS radar if optioned) is located in the centre of the front splitter. The radar’s offset location creates an asymmetrical intake, maintaining maximum intake volume rather than artificially closing the opposing side for the sake of styling.

The organic ‘shrink-wrapped’ bodywork contrasts with the sheer sides of the dihedral doors. These vertical surfaces play a distinct aerodynamic role while their shape, which transforms into the curvature of the air intake, allowed McLaren engineers to optimise the weight and rigidity of the aluminium doors.

The complex technical areas where air enters and exits the Artura – including the front splitter, rear deck mesh, and open rear end – are dark in colour, while the bodywork that guides and controls the flow contrasts in body colour. The roof and flying buttress can be painted either in exterior body colour or specified in gloss black, offering a customer two distinct personalities.  The Artura is also available with a full optional Black Pack, which applies a gloss black finish to the door mirror casings, exhaust, hot vee finishers and front fender louvres, as well as to the roof and buttresses.

The full LED headlights feature 21 LEDS apiece, with four LEDs providing the main beam, five delivering the dipped beam, and the remaining 12 utilised for McLaren’s Static Adaptive functionality. The system moves the dipped headlight beam according to steering movements, allowing both the road ahead and surrounding areas to remain illuminated while turning. The system is fully digital, utilising an array of LED lights with variable intensity which become brighter or dimmer in relation to the direction of turn. They also dip automatically via Auto High-Beam Assist when ADAS systems are optioned.

The LED rear lights continue the ultra-slim design concept, combining three functions into one unit: tail lights, brake lights and indicators. Each rear light blade is made up of only nine components and a single blade of LEDs, minimising both component count and overall weight – and as a result, each blade weighs half of those on a 720S, a car widely recognised as a champion of super-lightweight engineering.

The central-exit exhausts are set between the two light blades. Positioned high within the centre of the rear mesh, the twin tailpipes exit straight out from the engine’s ‘hot vee’, having passed through the catalysts and gasoline particulate filters (GPFs). Positioning the exhausts this high allows for the Artura’s full-width, dual-level diffuser, which functions by the expansion of air across its full span, especially at the outboard corners.

A new seven-spoke cast alloy wheel design that is unique to the Artura is the standard specification, in a silver finish. Five-spoke lightweight flow-formed cast alloy wheels and 10-spoke super-lightweight forged alloy wheels are options, available in a range of finishes and delivering both a different visual dynamic and reducing unsprung weight by up to 10kg. Black, cast aluminium brake calipers with a white printed McLaren logo are standard, with six further caliper colour choices as options.

The Artura is available in 15 exterior paint colours, including three – Flux Green, Ember Orange and Plateau Grey – that are unique to the vehicle at launch. A further 16 MSO Defined exterior colours are also available through McLaren Special Operations, which also offers the opportunity for virtually any colour to be specified as an MSO bespoke commission.

Customers can also specify components from a range of MSO carbon fibre body parts, either individually or as a pack. The MSO Carbon Fibre Pack sees the front splitter, diffuser, rear bumper and door mirror casings finished in gloss finish visual carbon fibre, while gloss finish carbon fibre front fender louvres can also be selected as a standalone option, as can an MSO rear spoiler, which is available from September 2021.


An Artura driver and passenger are both able to enjoy an environment that blends revolutionary ergonomics, technology, design and refinement. An increased feeling of space is created by all surfaces being as far outwards as possible in order to maximise the interior volume, and the materials used throughout – from leathers to machined switchgear – create a technical and contemporary ambience.

The interior design has been driven by the same principles of purity, technical sculpture and functional jewellery that dictated the exterior of the Artura; the upper facia rises up to meet the wide and deep windscreen, which is bordered by a carbon fibre structure that ensures particularly slim A-pillars; the facia seems to almost float, creating a sense of calm focus with no visual interruptions in the driver’s eyeline and complementing the unmatched visibility.

Every McLaren cockpit is built around the driver, but the Artura brings a new level of meaning to that principle. This is achieved by mounting the Digital Instrument Cluster to the steering column, so it moves in conjunction with the steering wheel. As a driver adjusts the column to their preferred position, perfect visibility of the instrumentation is maintained – and better still, the rocker switches for the Powertrain and Handling modes are at their fingertips, being mounted either side of the binnacle.

There are no controls on the steering wheel, a clear signal that its sole function is to steer the car and provide feedback to the driver. Additional key controls such as the Drive/Neutral/Reverse switches are close to the driver’s field of view, reducing distraction while driving.

With all controls centred on the binnacle, the vertically mounted, 8-inch (20cm) high-resolution Central Infotainment Screen has the centre of the facia virtually to itself. As the primary hub for vehicle convenience, comfort and connectivity functions, the screen displays audio, media, navigation and other convenience features, with all key applications just a tap or two away in the same style of operation as a smartphone. The climate control function always remains visible at the bottom of the screen, enabling optimum usability at all times.

The new MIS II uses an Android-based platform that allows for continual advancement and additions. The system works through a series of apps, just like a smartphone. Multiple applications can be run simultaneously and scrolled through on an app list or activated using voice control. Support for Apple CarPlay® and Android AutoTM also integrates a mobile phone into both the instrument cluster and central display screen.

The Artura driver’s interaction with MIS II begins as they approach the car, using a new vehicle key that transmits via Bluetooth to unlock the car and commence booting the system. The system also works in reverse, shutting the system down and locking the doors when the driver exits the car and walks away at the end of a journey.

As with all McLaren models, the touchscreen is mounted in portrait, rather than landscape, mode. This reduces the width of the screen, enabling vehicle occupants to be positioned closer together while still enjoying generous space. Bringing them closer to the centre of the car also helps further optimise the Artura’s response and agility.

The all-new Clubsport seats, fitted as standard, are a particular point of focus in the interior of the Artura. Developed specifically for the all-new High-Performance Hybrid supercar, these single-shell seats uniquely combine the light weight and support of a bucket seat with the range of motion expected of a seat with a moveable backrest. The innovative method of adjustment is simplicity itself: the driver sets their relationship to the pedals with the fore and aft adjustment, and then uses a singular control that tilts the whole shell elliptically around the same H-point to achieve the perfect driving position.

With the recline and height combined, the seat moves upright as it comes higher, or reclines as it lowers, with an occupant’s thighs always supported. This adjustment enables a swift transition between an upright vehicle manoeuvring position and a lower, driving focused one, and removes the need for driver or passenger to alter their seat incrementally using multiple controls.

As with the super-lightweight carbon fibre racing seats developed for the McLaren Senna, the upper portion of the seat is wide but thickly padded, giving equal support to broad-shouldered and wiry drivers alike. The new seats are compatible with an optional MSO Defined Harness Bar and MSO Defined six-point harnesses, and the single-shell construction and single electric motor reduce weight, to the extent that each Clubsport seat is up to 9.5kg lighter than the optional Comfort seat. Fully electric 10-way adjustable heated sports seats with memory function and comfort entry/exit are also optionally available for those wanting more luxurious comfort and support.

Interior refinement

McLaren engineers worked tirelessly to enhance cabin refinement in the Artura, building on lessons learned during the development of the GT and Speedtail. A car that will run for part of the time in silent mode faces more complex challenges than a vehicle powered only by an internal combustion engine.

Engine refinement has a major influence on both the cabin sound levels and ride comfort of a car. Factors such as the engine chain drive being located at the rear of the all-new V6 reduces NVH intrusion into the cabin, as well as torsional vibration. Fluid-filled mounts for the powertrain help to separate and ‘tune out’ certain mechanical frequencies of the V6 that would otherwise pass to the carbon monocoque and subframe.

The monocoque itself plays a key role in refinement, not only through its structural consistency and stiffness but also in the way it is integrated; in the McLaren Senna, for example, the carbon fibre chassis was used to amplify the low-frequency sounds into the cabin, while in the Artura specific work was undertaken to actively eliminate this effect in order to maximise refinement during everyday use.

New suspension bushes, particularly large on the rear axle, also improve NVH performance, as do the designs of the front and rear aluminium subframes and suspension spring stiffness. McLaren technical partner, Pirelli, also plays a major role in cabin refinement.

To assist driver comfort, the Artura Pirelli P ZERO™ tyre is equipped with the Pirelli Noise Cancelling System (PNCS), a Pirelli-patented technology that reduces road noise by using a polyurethane sponge inside the tyre to absorb vibration and minimise noise transmission into the cabin.

The Artura’s electrically driven heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (eHVAC) system also brings multiple refinement advantages. Able to heat or cool quicker than a mechanically driven system, it is also more controllable and enables cabin pre-conditioning, either for cooling or defrosting.

A new diffused air vent spans the facia of the Artura and, in combination with the foot, face and windscreen vents, this increases mass flow into the cabin – but at lower velocities, meaning that desired cabin temperatures can be better maintained without an increase in blower noise. Dual-zone climate control and air-conditioning are standard on the Artura, with the system allowing fully automatic and independent settings for both the driver and passenger.

Model range, specification and ownership

Beyond standard trim, three further levels – ‘Performance’, ‘TechLux’ and ‘Vision’ – offer a variety of interiors carefully curated by the design studio at the McLaren Technology Centre (MTC). And as with every McLaren, customers seeking further personalisation can explore the realm of McLaren Special Operations (MSO), which makes almost anything possible.

In standard trim, the new Clubsport seats are finished in lightweight Alcantara® – along with the dashboard, headlining, central armrest and door armrests, ensuring that all primary surfaces feature highly aesthetic finishes in a tactile and technical material. A leather-trimmed steering wheel with a power-adjust steering column is standard.

Decorative elements around the window switch surrounds, centre tunnel, instrument binnacle and cast aluminium gearshift paddles are finished in Satin Black. The Central Infotainment Screen and overhead console have a Dark Titanium finish. The shift paddles are upgraded to extended, machined and brushed in TechLux, Performance and Vision.

The Performance, TechLux or Vision trims feature either Alcantara® or supple Nappa leather on almost every surface, with the Extended Nappa Leather specification covering the whole cabin, including the doors, rear parcel shelf, central tunnel and lower dashboard.

Sporty, aesthetic and technical, the four Performance interiors available all feature lightweight Alcantara® on the seats, headlining, doors and dashboard, alongside Nappa Leather throughout the rest of the interior. The ambience is sporty, functional and aesthetic, with Performance stitching and contrasting colour accents throughout. Dark Carbon Black, Graphite and Ink Blue hues dominate, contrasting with a hint of colour from Ember Orange or McLaren Orange accents.

The four TechLux interiors epitomise technical luxury and style, creating a sporty yet refined ambience. The Extended Nappa Leather interior sees the entire cabin indulgently trimmed in the natural hide, the leather colour being paired with vibrant highlight accents and finished with a stitch pattern bespoke to the TechLux trim. Interior components are finished in Brushed Dark Titanium, featuring Extended Brushed Metal gearshift paddles.

Avantgarde and sporty, the two Vision interiors available combine lighter hues of dual-tone Extended Nappa Leather and Alcantara® with simple, bright and off-piste accents. Unique stitching highlights the details of the sophisticated environment. A vivid, reflective Zest accent unique to the Vision interior highlights the attention to detail, or alternatively a more restrained Vision Orange accent creates a darker, more subtle effect.

Hidden-until-lit ambient lighting, which McLaren introduced on the new GT, adds a further touch of elegance to the Performance, TechLux or Vision models. This innovative technology features subtle chrome trim highlights around the door cards; cold-to-the-touch and seemingly solid metallic, a distinct lighting pattern becomes visible within them when the vehicle ignition is engaged, casting a subtle and soft glow across the cabin. Each Performance, TechLux and Vision interior features a specific 12-colour ambient lighting scheme, complementing the three trim themes.

The Artura is equipped as standard with a generous suite of comfort and convenience features, including a McLaren five-speaker audio system and satellite navigation that includes turn-by-turn instructions and simplified map displayed in the Digital Instrument Cluster alongside a full map on the Central Infotainment Screen. There is also DAB/FM radio, Bluetooth telephony, iPod/iPhone Integration, USB-C and USB-B fast-charge connectivity.

The McLaren Track Telemetry app has also been enhanced with a preloaded track database, while a new key features Bluetooth technology to wake the car up sooner – enhancing welcome and start-up experience – and commercial-grade cryptography software to combat against potential relay attack.

A world-class Bowers & Wilkins audio system can be specified as part of an optional Technology Pack. McLaren and Bowers & Wilkins worked together to develop and tune the system to the Artura’s cabin architecture and acoustics. This includes QuantumLogic Surround technology to accurately identify and redistribute audio streams, Dynamic EQ processing to more accurately adjust for external sounds and Clari-Fi for real time restoration of low-quality audio signals. The 12-speaker system incorporates ContinuumTM cones for better damping and response than Kevlar, with a dual subwoofer integrated into the front of the Artura’s carbon fibre monocoque to provide an extremely stable location from which to deliver undistorted bass.

Further features of the Technology Pack include Full Adaptive LED Headlights Plus with Auto High-Beam Assist, Road-Sign Recognition, Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control with switchable follow mode, 360-Degree Park Assist, and Lane-Departure Warning.

A Practicality Pack includes Vehicle Lift, power-folding heated door mirrors with ‘Dip in Reverse’ functionality, four front and four rear parking sensors, rear-view camera, Homelink® (where available) and soft-close doors. The optional driver-controlled vehicle lift system raises the nose of the car, for instance over speed bumps or when entering or exiting car parks, while Homelink® allows for remote opening of up to three electric garage doors or house gates.

Ownership & warranty

Peace of mind – on quality, durability and cost – were as important in the design, engineering and development of the Artura as any of the other core considerations, such as performance and driver engagement. With the car being all-new – including the High-Performance Hybrid powertrain – and the distillation of more than five decades of McLaren experience and expertise in race- and road-car engineering, it is no surprise that the test and development programme undertaken by McLaren was its most rigorous ever.

The Artura comes with a five-year/75,000km vehicle warranty, outstripping the three-year cover offered by most rivals. The battery is warrantied for six years/75,000km. A 10-year body (anti-perforation) warranty is also included, as is a five-year roadside assistance package.

*value to be confirmed – pending final validation

Piers Scott- photos McLaren


17.02.2021 / MaP

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