A New Generation of Robots is Ready for the Market

A New Generation of Robots is Ready for the Market

24.06.2016: AUTOMATICA MUNICH 2016 Human-Robot-Collaboration



In the future, robots and humans will work together more intensively. For machine operators, robots will become as everyday as an electric drill.

One of the reasons for this collaboration is demographic change. Robots should support factory workers more ergonomically and efficiently and they should take on monotonous, dangerous and physically exhausting tasks.

Processes will become more flexible and transparent and resources will be saved.

Robots are used in enterprises of varying sizes and sectors. With human-robot collaboration their use has become attractive for small and medium size firms too.

In the past these firms have either not been able to afford or not needed fully automated production lines.

A wide variety of uses are being found for our “robot” colleagues. Robot manufacturers therefore have to make their products as flexible as possible.

Their multiple uses are just one of the many advantages. Equally as important is how they filter and process the accumulation of data.

The machine operator teaches a new generation lightweight robot tasks by guiding it; the movement is then automatically pro- grammed. The machine can then fulfil monotonous, dangerous or physically exhausting tasks.

Human-robot collaboration has been made possible due to innovative safety technologies including sensor systems, cameras and speed and distance measuring technologies which provide the highest level of protection for humans.

Important norms are regulated by law.

Safety, flexibility and productivity are the basis for a succesful human-robot collaboration.

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