Successful Sezoensrally for BMA

Successful Sezoensrally for BMA

20.05.2019: BMA can look back on an exceptionally solid Sezoensrally. For the third time in four rallies Kris Princen drove his VW Polo R5 to victory, and for the fourth time this

BMA can look back on an exceptionally solid Sezoensrally. For the third time in four rallies Kris Princen drove his VW Polo R5 to victory, and for the fourth time this season Grégoire Munster was the best Junior. Brother Charly Munster finished fourth as Junior.

In his second rally at the wheel of the VW Polo R5 Pieter-Jan Michiel finished in 7th spot. In his 2nd outing with the VW Polo R5 Henri Schmelcher just missed out on a top 10 finish. Patrick Snijers is the sole BMA driver who did not make it to the finish. He lost out on a 5th place when a driveshaft gave up the ghost.

Prior to the start of the Sezoensrally Princen was querying how his VW Polo R5 would handle on the region’s gravel. All questions were answered following the first loop taking in 5 special stages. Kris Princen won 5 stages in a row and finally won the Sezoensrally in a highly convincing manner. “We drove the perfect race. As from the start we built up a healthy advantage after which we were able to control matters and tune our pace to that of our nearest rivals. In the last loop it was a question of keeping a close eye on avoiding the bad curves.

 De VW Polo handled perfectly on gravel. I immediately had a good feeling, was able to play with the car throughout the day and did whatever I wanted with it. We’re now going to look for an additional budget with a view to trying to take part in the Ypres Rally.”

“The Skoda handled well on the Limburg gravel” Pieter-Jan Michiel Cracco commented, who drove a constant race and finished in 7th place. “I started off carefully and then slowly built up the pace. Apart from a few minor mistakes we drove a pretty good rally. We will shortly compete in the Rally van Wervik in preparation of the Ypres Rally.”

With their Opel Adam Grégoire and Charles Munster drove a brilliant rally. For the 4th time this season Grégoire was the best Junior. Charles Munster at the wheel of his Opel Adam Cup version finished as 4th Junior. “It went really well today. We won all the special stages apart from 2. Earlier this year in the Azores I had already driven on gravel, but it was different here in the Sezoensrally because the car was set up for asphalt. This obviously brings about a different feel.

We won’t be present in Ypres but today we have scored important points in the Juniors’ championship” Grégoire Munster remarked. Younger brother Charly Munster was beaming at the finish. At the age of 18 and 2 months he is most probably the youngest entrant in the Belgian Championship.

“I’m delighted with my race. Near the end it was a question of taking care because the gravel had already been churned up. I had a good feeling and as the event progressed my confidence in the car grew. It’s fun to compete with my brother. He gives me loads of tips and I learn a great deal from him. In fact, my brother and father help me a lot.”

Henri Schmelcher finished a strong race in 11th place. “The last time I drove here was 8 years ago but notwithstanding not knowing the course it all went well. I progressed constantly throughout the rally but I still have the worry of hurting the car too much, even though that VW Polo can withstand a great deal.”

Patrick Snijers was well under way in the event right up until he was obliged to park his Polo in the 12th special stage as the result of a broken driveshaft. “A great pity because I had finally mastered the handling of the VW Polo. I lost a bit of time in the first four stages but after that everything slotted into place. 3 stages from the finish the driveshaft broke. Driving on this type of course only with front-wheel-drive makes no sense. The learning curve with the Polo is now completed and we will try to produce some good results.”

Bernard Munster had a big smile after the finish. “Once again today Kris was superior. He was fast and drove a faultless rally. The car was good but even so it is always the driver that has to make the difference. And a driver who feels at ease with his car can always produce that little extra.

A pity about Patrick’s retirement, but he drove a strong rally and made a great deal of progress. He does need to have more patience though, something I also tell Pieter-Jan. In this sport you can’t just appear and push everyone aside. It’s possible on the track, but in a rally you need to drive, drive and drive. Today Henri Schmelcher competed in his 2nd rally.

He has also progressed no end and crowned his race with an 11th place. Grégoire performed really well. Once again nobody could hold him back. To me it seems as though with each rally he moves a step up, and gets better and better. I’m a proud father. For Charly there’s another approach. He’s only 18 years and 2 months. That’s pretty young. He still has a great deal to learn but he’s doing well.”


-BMA also photos


20.05.2019 / MaP

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