BMA - Belgian rally season kicks-off with Rally van Haspengouw

BMA - Belgian rally season kicks-off with Rally van Haspengouw

27.02.2020: This coming Saturday the Rally van Haspengouw takes place in Landen and surroundings, the first of nine rounds counting towards the Jobfixers Belgian Rally Championship. BMA will be at the start with three cars. Grégoire Munster in his debut at the wheel

This coming Saturday the Rally van Haspengouw takes place in Landen and surroundings, the first of nine rounds counting towards the Jobfixers Belgian Rally Championship. BMA will be at the start with three cars. Grégoire Munster in his debut at the wheel of the Hyundai i20 R5, brother Charles competing with the Opel Adam R2, while Henri Schmelcher will once again be at the wheel of the VW Polo R5. Pieter-Jan Michiel Cracco is unwell and at the last minute had to throw in the towel.

Grégoire Munster and his co-driver Louis Louka will be making their debut this coming Saturday with the Hyundai i20 R5. Munster will have the support of Hyundai Motorsport Customer Racing and Hyundai Belux. The car is prepared and entered by BMA which in the run-up to the opening round of the Belgian Championship is organising a test session for its drivers. “At the end of my first half work day at the wheel of the Hyundai i20 R5 I’m more than satisfied.

As compared to this morning we have altered a fair number of things whereby I now have a basic set-up in hand. I feel comfortable in the car and that gives me an enormous amount of confidence. With this basic set-up we can now systematically start building up. Both for myself and the team everything is new.

As such I don’t want to put too much pressure on myself. On Saturday this won’t be my first Rally van Haspengouw, but it will be the first time that I will be at the start with an R5. In fact, that R5 is a brand-new car. The aim is to produce a faultless run, become better acquainted and develop the car, and gradually try to build up the pace and at the end of the day do our best to score our first Belgian Championship points of the new season.”

No Pieter-Jan Michiel Cracco this weekend in Landen. Cracco yesterday tested his Skoda Fabia R5 but his session had to be cut short due to feeling unwell. This morning the decision was taken that due to his illness he was obliged to forfeit his entry. For Cracco Jnr it would have been his first participation in a Rally2 at the Rally van Haspengouw. For this reason, he had already indicated that this round would not count towards the Championship. His season will take off in a fortnight’s time at the Spa Rally.

Charles Munster at the wheel of his Opel Adam R2 will start off the Championship with the necessary ambitions. “I would love to follow on in the footsteps of Grégoire and clinch the Junior title. During today’s test session I not only focused on the set-up but on my driving style also. There are many long straight sections in the Haspengouw with here and there a bend. It’s therefore very important to tackle those bends as cleanly as possible and exit same with the necessary speed. I’m satisfied with today’s training work and head off to Landen with the necessary confidence.”

Henri Schmelcher will for the first time in many years be back competing in the Belgian Rally Championship. Schmelcher opted for a BMA VW Polo R5. “Apart from Ypres I will be competing in all the other rounds. Following a long period of inactivity for me Haspengouw is more of a warm up. One week later I will be at the start of the Rally of Hannuit. That’s a rally that really suits me and where in the past I have invariably produced good results.

 The Spa Rally follows on immediately after Hannuit. With three competitions in the same number of weeks it’s going to be heavy going. At my age I no longer have any ambitions for the Championship. What I would like to achieve this year is to finish within the top 10 of the Belgian Rally Championship amongst all those young and talented rally drivers.”

This weekend BMA will also be active abroad with Nikolay Gryazin. The Russian driver will be at the start of the Fafe Rally at the wheel of the Hyundai i20 R5. 3 runs are scheduled on Friday evening, with the remaining 10 being tackled on Saturday.

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