12h Hockenheimring Qualifying result by class

12h Hockenheimring Qualifying result by class

22.05.2021: 2nd Hankook 12H HOCKENHEIMRING 2021 21 - 23 May 2021 Qualifying GT Saturday, May 22nd 2021 GT3 - GT3 Cars 1 11 MiddleCap racing with Scuderia Praha Ferrari - 488 GT3 (Evo 2019) 1:39.109 6 166.14 Scuderia Praha a.s. 8 Výboh-Král-Waszek

2nd Hankook 12H HOCKENHEIMRING 2021
21 - 23 May 2021
Qualifying GT
Saturday, May 22nd 2021

GT3 - GT3 Cars

1 11 MiddleCap racing with Scuderia Praha Ferrari - 488 GT3 (Evo 2019) 1:39.109 6 166.14
Scuderia Praha a.s.

2 34 Car Collection Motorsport Audi - R8 LMS GT3 1:39.484 10 0.375 0.375 165.52
Car Collection Motorsport

3 10 Leipert Motorsport Lamborghini - Huracán GT3 Evo 2019 1:39.490 3 0.381 0.006 165.51
Leipert Motorsport

4 18 Rutronik Racing by TECE Audi - R8 LMS GT3 1:39.493 4 0.384 0.003 165.50
Rutronik Racing by TECE

5 66 Haegeli by T2 Racing Porsche - 911 GT3 R (991 I I) 1:39.914 7 0.805 0.421 164.81
T2 Racing

6 92 Herberth Motorsport Ferrari - 488 GT3 (Evo 2019) 1:40.112 9 1.003 0.198 164.48
Precote Herberth Motorsport

7 85 CP Racing Mercedes-AMG - GT3 1:40.154 5 1.045 0.042 164.41
CP Racing

8 88 Car Collection Motorsport Audi - R8 LMS GT3 1:42.006 3 2.897 1.852 161.43
Car Collection Motorsport

9 58 MP Racing Mercedes-AMG - GT3 1:42.230 4 3.121 0.224 161.07
Thomas Gostner

GTX - Special GT cars

1 725 Reiter Engineering KTM - X-BOW GTX 1:42.220 11 161.09
Reiter Engineering

2 719 9und11 Racing Porsche - 911 GT3 Cup MR (991 Gen II) 1:42.925 11 0.705 0.705 159.98
Tim Scheerbarth

3 724 Reiter Engineering KTM - X-BOW GTX 1:43.274 10 1.054 0.349 159.44
Reiter Engineering
Felbermayr Jr.-A ngermayr-Elghanayan-Siljehaug

4 701 Vortex V8 Vortex - 1.0 1:47.670 10 5.450 4.396 152.93
Philippe Bonnel

DNS 999 Red Camel-Jordans.nl Porsche - 911 GT3 Cup (992)
Red Camel-Jordans.nl Breukers-Breukers-Breukers

991 - Porsche 991-I Cup & Porsche 991-II Cup

1 925 Bas Koeten Racing Porsche - 911 GT3 Cup (991 Gen II) 1:43.532 12 159.05
Bas Koeten Racing
Van Berlo-van Berlo-van Helden

2 989 MRS GT-Racing Porsche - 911 GT3 Cup (991 Gen II) 1:43.602 3 0.070 0.070 158.94
MRS GT-Racing

3 955 Willi Motorsport by Ebimotors Porsche - 911 GT3 Cup (991 Gen II) 1:43.935 5 0.403 0.333 158.43
Broggi-Sergiu-de Castro

4 920 Stadler Motorsport Porsche - 911 GT3 Cup (991 Gen II) 1:45.255 2 1.723 1.320 156.44
Stadler Motorsport

5 909 DUWO Racing Porsche - 911 GT3 Cup (991 Gen II) 1:45.883 10 2.351 0.628 155.52
DUWO Racing

6 991 NKPP Racing by Bas Koeten Racing Porsche - 911 GT3 Cup (991 Gen II) 1:47.105 6 3.573 1.222 153.74
Bas Koeten Racing

GT4 - GT4 Homologated cars

1 438 ST Racing BMW - M4 GT4 1:48.210 11 152.17
ST Racing 11

2 401 PROsport Racing Aston Martin - Vantage AMR GT4 1:48.343 4 0.133 0.133 151.98
PROsport Racing

Laptimes disallowed due to track limits: #88 (L4: 1:41.874)

Final Result - Qualifying TCE
Qualifying TCE

Colin White White-Brunot
1 278 TCX CWS Engineering 1:49.819 7 149.94
Ginetta G55 14
Autorama AG Lloyd-Hurni-Lenz-Mettler

2 112 TCR Autorama Motorsport by Wolf-Power Racing 1:49.965 12 0.146 0.146 149.74
Volkswagen Golf GTi TCR DSG 14
Stephane Perrin Perrin-Detry-Wieninger

3 188 TCR AC Motorsport 1:50.335 7 0.516 0.370 149.24
Audi RS3 LMS DSG 9
Autorama AG Kletzer-Preisig-Heyerdahl

4 1 TCR Autorama Motorsport by Wolf-Power Racing 1:50.345 13 0.526 0.010 149.23
Volkswagen Golf GTi TCR DSG 13
GSR Motorsport Globytė-Kvedaras-Salys-Savickas

5 105 TCR GSR Motorsport 1:52.648 12 2.829 2.303 146.18
Volkswagen Golf GTi TCR SEQ 13
Autorama AG Stanco-Stanco-Stanco

6 211 TCX A utorama Motorsport 1:52.879 4 3.060 0.231 145.88
Seat Leon Cup Racer V 1 DSG 5
Eric van den Munckhof van den Munckhof-Poland

7 210 TCX Munckhof Racing 1:53.008 7 3.189 0.129 145.71
TOPCAR sport GmbH Jost-Danz-Jost

8 131 TCR TOPCAR Sport 1:59.603 2 9.784 6.595 137.68
Cupra TCR SEQ 3

Laptimes disallowed due to improving under yellow flag: #210 (L3: 1:59.175)

Fastest time : 1:49.819 in lap 7 by nbr. 278 : CWS Engineering(Colin White) (Ginetta G55) Publication-time

Timekeeping by : RSTime by TimeService.nl




- Creventic also photo

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22.05.2021 / MaP

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  •    Two-for-two in the championship chase for Autorama Motorsport by Wolf-Power Racing in 2020. •    NKPP Racing by Bas Koeten Racing less than 90 seconds behind at the flag.•    Nordschleife Racing secures maiden 24H SERIES class win for the Ligier JS2 R. more >>
Triumph and heartbreak for Herberth Motorsport at Hankook 12H MUGELLO - results
  •    Herberth Motorsport takes third overall win of the season but loses a 1-2 finish inside the final hour.•    Team Avia Sorg Rennsport and PROsport Racing se more >>


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