Toyota Motor Europe sales increase by +8% in 2021 to achieve a record 6.4% market share

Toyota Motor Europe sales increase by +8% in 2021 to achieve a record 6.4% market share

13.01.2022: · TME’s vehicle sales of 1,076,300 (Jan-Dec 2021) up +8%, reflected strong customer demand, outperforming a stable market up +1% year-on-year · The Toyota brand climbed to 2nd position for best-selling passenger car brands in Europe · Sale

·    TME’s vehicle sales of 1,076,300 (Jan-Dec 2021) up +8%, reflected strong customer demand,  outperforming a stable market up +1% year-on-year

·    The Toyota brand climbed to 2nd position for best-selling passenger car brands in Europe

·    Sales sustained by high demand for Toyota and Lexus multi-technology, electrified line-up

·    TME achieved European Union and UK CO2 fleet targets(1)

Toyota Motor Europe(2) (TME) reported 2021 sales of 1,076,300 Toyota and Lexus vehicles, again outperforming an overall market which had stabilised due to the combined effects of the pandemic and semi-conductor supply shortage. Across this period, TME’s overall market share increased by 0.4 ppts to 6.4%, an all-time record for the company, reflecting overall growth of +1.4 ppts since 2018.

This performance elevated the Toyota brand for the first time ever to the 2nd placed best-selling passenger car brand in Europe.  A key part of this success can be attributed to record high customer demand for the company’s low CO2 line-up, which encompasses a wide range of battery electric, fuel cell electric, plug-in hybrid electric and hybrid electric vehicles.

TME’s hybrid sales of 623,777 vehicles, up +19% year-on-year, represented 58% of the total mix and 70% in West Europe.

“    We are delighted with another strong annual performance given the challenging supply conditions the entire automotive industry has faced. We thank our customers for their loyalty and trust.

I believe that this continued high demand is testament to our strategy to focus on broadening our range of new zero and low emission electrified vehicles. Our product and powertrain mix have enabled TME to meet its EU and UK CO2 targets in 2021, which we are committed to continue to do in the future as we strive towards carbon neutrality.”

Matt Harrison, President & CEO of Toyota Motor Europe„


In December, both Toyota and Lexus unveiled several new electrified products which will form a core element in its carbon neutral strategy. Globally, the company will offer 30 battery electric vehicles by 2030 covering all segments.

By this date, TME aims to be have a mix of at least 50% zero emission vehicles in Western Europe while the Lexus brand targets a 100% ZEV mix in the same period. Moving towards 2035, TME will be ready for 100% CO2 reduction in all new vehicles within the EU region. Within the shorter term, TME will expand its ZEV product offer to 10 models by 2025.


Brands and model performance

Toyota increased its share of the mainstream market by +0.6 ppts to 6.3% in 2021, while sales volume grew by +9% to 1,003,859. The brand’s best sellers, Corolla, Yaris and RAV4 accounted for 55% of volume. Overall, hybrid electric vehicles represented 58% (+ 5.0 ppts year-on-year) and 69% (up + 6.0s ppts) in West Europe.

 Key new launches included the all new Yaris Cross compact SUV. In April 2021, the new battery electric bZ sub-brand, built on a dedicated eTNGA platform was announced, followed by the European premiere of the bZ4X SUV in December 2021.

Lexus increased sales volume by +2% year-on-year and achieved a premium market share of 2.3%. The brand’s best sellers, UX, NX and RX accounted for 81% of volume. Overall, hybrid electric vehicles represented 61% of total Europe sales, increasing to 90% in Western and Central Europe.

 In Q4 2021 Lexus launched the second generation NX, introducing the brand’s first plug-in electric vehicle alongside a substantially improved hybrid electric model. The brand has recently announced that its first all-electric vehicle on a dedicated platform, the RZ 450e, will be revealed in the first half of 2022. Lexus has ambitious growth plans of 20 model launches by 2025, almost doubling volume to 130,000 vehicles in Europe in this period.


 TME highlights January- December 2021:

·       Total sales: 1,076,300 (+8.4% year-on-year)

·       Market share: 6.4% (+0.4% year-on-year)

·       Total hybrid sales: 623,777 (+19% year-on-year)

·       Hybrid mix: West Europe: 70% - East Europe*: 24% - TTL: 58%


 Toyota highlights January- December 2021:

·       Toyota sales: 1,003,859 (+9% year-on-year)

·       Top sellers: Corolla Range (208,028); Yaris (179,383); RAV4 (161,266)

·       Top hybrids: Yaris Hybrid (143,595); Corolla Hybrid Range (166,811); Toyota C-HR Hybrid (112,757)

·       Total hybrid:  579,698 (+19% year-on-year)

·       Hybrid mix: West Europe: 69% - East Europe*: 26% - TTL: 58%


 Lexus highlights January- December 2021:

 ·       Total Lexus sales: 72,441 (+2% year-on-year)

·       Top sellers: UX Range (21,144); NX Range (19,493); RX Range (18,346)

·       Top hybrids: UX Hybrid (17,261); NX Hybrid (14,255); RX Hybrid (5,718)

·       Total hybrid sales: 44,079 (-1% year-on-year)

·       Hybrid mix: West Europe: 91% - East Europe*: 8% - TTL: 61%


Sales for January - December 2021 are listed below:


TOYOTA              1,003,859

AYGO    85,325
Yaris (incl. Yaris Hybrid)    179,383
  Yaris Hybrid    143,595
Yaris Cross (incl Yaris Cross Hybrid)    22,743
Yaris Cross Hybrid    21,666
Corolla H/B & Touring Sports (including Hybrid)    127,882
  Corolla H/B & Touring Sports Hybrid    122,869
Toyota C-HR (incl. Hybrid)    114,737
  Toyota C-HR Hybrid    112,757
Corolla  SDN (incl. Hybrid)    80,146
Corolla SDN Hybrid43,942
Prius Family    6,689
Prius    1,597
Prius+    3,630
Prius Plug-in Hybrid    1,462
Mirai    701
Camry (incl. Camry Hybrid)50,246
  Camry Hybrid    10,121
Supra    979
 RAV4 (incl. RAV4 Hybrid & RAV4 Plug-In Hybrid)    161,266
RAV4 Hybrid    87,020
RAV4 Plug-In Hybrid    23,053
Highlander (incl. Highlander Hybrid)    10,518
Highlander Hybrid 7,986
Land Cruiser    35,215
Hilux    47,480
PROACE (inc PROACE EV)    30,814
PROACE CITY    36,238
Other models    13,497
LEXUS    72,441

CT 200h    1,249
IS (incl. IS Hybrid)    628
    IS hybrid    524
ES (incl. ES Hybrid)    6,872
   ES hybrid    4,830
LS (incl. LS Hybrid)175
   LS hybrid    125
NX (incl. NX Hybrid)    19,493
   NX hybrid    14,255
UX (incl. UX Hybrid)    21,144
   UX Hybrid    17,261
   UX EV    2,987
RX (incl. RX Hybrid)    18,346
   RX hybrid    5,718
RC (incl. RC Hybrid)    90
  RC hybrid    62
LC (incl. LC Hybrid)420
  LC hybrid    55
GX    1,181
LX    2,843


(1) EU C02 fleet refers to average emissions of cars registered in EU27 + Iceland and Norway. Reference to target achievement here is for Toyota + Lexus sales, based on preliminary internal data ahead of the regular release schedule of official figures by the EU Commission.

(2) Toyota Motor Europe is responsible for all Western, Central and Eastern European countries including Turkey and Russia as well as Israel and a number of Central Asian markets (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Kazakhstan).


*East Europe includes Russia, Kazakhstan, Caucasus, Ukraine, Turkey and Israel.

Models listed in italics are produced locally at Toyota’s European manufacturing facilities.



-JY Jault photo Toyota


13.01.2022 / MaP

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