World-class restorer Hilton & Moss reveals rare series 1 Jaguar E-Type’s 2,500-hour journey

World-class restorer Hilton & Moss reveals rare series 1 Jaguar E-Type’s 2,500-hour journey

29.06.2022: ....from barn-find to barnstorming beauty • Hilton & Moss leverages its industry-leading facilities and expertise to restore a beautifully original 1963 series 1 Jaguar E-Type to its former glory

....from barn-find to barnstorming beauty

•    Hilton & Moss leverages its industry-leading facilities and expertise to restore a beautifully original 1963 series 1 Jaguar E-Type to its former glory

•    A restoration team with over 100 years of combined expertise spent more than 2,500 hours transforming the untouched, fully original E-Type to a better-than-new example of the iconic model

•    Exquisitely specified by the owner for their father’s enjoyment, the stunning example effortlessly fuses quintessential classic charm with subtle modern convenience, facilitated by Hilton & Moss’ seamless restoration work

•    The restoration process offers a comprehensive end-to-end service for clients, from full vehicle assessment to completely original or intricately individualised specification



Hilton & Moss, leading specialists in the restoration and servicing of luxury vehicles, opens the doors to its state-of-the art restoration facility – revealing the first-class expertise and detail bestowed on each vehicle that’s treated to a meticulous transformation.

Based at Hilton Group’s brand-new headquarters in Bishop’s Stortford, Hertfordshire, Hilton & Moss offers clients a fully comprehensive restoration for their cherished prestige vehicle.

Leveraging its expansive 125,000 sq/ft site and a highly skilled team of specialists with over 100 years of combined experience, Hilton & Moss pours passion, care and end-to-end service into restoration projects from a plethora of marques – from Mercedes-Benz and Aston Martin, to Lotus and Jaguar.

The latest product of Hilton & Moss’ impeccable restoration offering is an exquisite 1963 series 1 Jaguar E-Type, transformed by the business’ seasoned teams from a highly original barn-find to a truly exquisite, better-than-new example of the vehicle deemed by none other than Enzo Ferrari as “the most beautiful car in the world.”

One of only 7,600 series 1 3.8-litre E-Types ever made, the vehicle is a rare early, fully original, high-specification example of the iconic model, whisked away to the USA for a low-mileage life in the California sunshine. Discovered in original condition hidden away from the outside world, the vehicle was repatriated to the UK – destined to be fully restored to its former glory.

Entrusted with reviving the stunning coupé, Hilton & Moss employed its tried-and-tested, end-to-end restoration regime to give the beautiful ‘60s sportscar the makeover it deserved.

As with each restoration-project vehicle that enters Hilton & Moss’ care, the E-Type underwent a meticulous assessment, beginning with visual inspections through to a full strip-down of the vehicle – analysing its condition in painstaking detail to establish the treatment required.

Preparing the vehicle for a transition to its fully original, gleaming Opalescent Golden Sand paintwork, the shell and bolt-on panels are thoroughly soda-blasted, providing the workshop technicians with a comprehensive overview of the bodywork’s condition.

The first step in the example’s transformation sees its exterior components fully restored from every nut and bolt to each body panel. With chrome elements delivered to specialist partners for expert treatment, the vehicle shell and doors are fully prepared on-site for its rich new paintwork.

The vehicle is meticulously coated with polyester primer and grey primer, rubbed down and placed in a rollover jig to receive its new coats of paint and lacquer – completed in Hilton & Moss’ five-booth, manufacturer-approved paint facility.

As the luscious paintwork receives a full inspection under the scrutinous eyes of the paint shop team, the suspension units are inspected and adjusted equally as carefully, while brand-new rubber seals and fixings are fitted throughout the vehicle.

A beautiful transformation for every restoration project, the E-Type’s rich red interior is treated from the footwells-up to a full refinish, completed to the customer’s precise specification. Effortlessly fusing classical elegance with modern-day convenience, the E-Type is equipped with a slick five-speed transmission, electric power steering and ignition, finished with a state-of-the-art audio system integrating Bluetooth functionality – all encased by a beautifully traditional fascia.

After the vehicle’s soul-stirring engine is fully machined by a specialist partner and reassembled by Hilton & Moss, all of the pieces of the exquisite vehicle are brought together, resplendent in its final, better-than-new form – ready to turn heads, steal hearts and give the owner’s father unrivalled driving pleasure once more.

The Hilton Group Founder, Peter Hilton, said:
“Hilton & Moss was founded with pure passion for luxury classic vehicles at its heart; it fuels everything that we have done, and continue to do. Our restoration offering is the most emotive and impactful expression of that passion, turning back time through peerless care and dedication to give owners’ pride and joy a new lease of life once more. It makes me extremely proud of what we can offer, and we look forward to continuing to bring more joy to owners.”

 Influence Associates, photos Hilton & Moss


29.06.2022 / MaP

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