Lisa Brunner starting with a MINI

Lisa Brunner starting with a MINI

17.03.2014: From the kart straight into the touring car Lisa Christin Brunner is dedicated to motorsports and pursues her goals

From the kart straight into the touring car

Lisa Christin Brunner is dedicated to motorsports and pursues her goals with a lot of ambition and motivation. In 2014, she will be rewarded for her continuous commitment by advancing from kart sports to automotive sports.

This season, the 21-year-old student of mechanical engineering will be driving a Mini for IMC Motorsport in Division 3 of the Deutsche Tourenwagen Challenge des DMSB – ADAC PROCAR.

Anyone walking the paddock with open eyes, probably already spotted you last year quite often at the circuit. How did you get into touring sports?

[Lisa Brunner]: I got into motorsports through my father who has been active in kart sports for many years and thus also has a heart for motorsports. It was my friend Thomas Krebs who led me to touring cars and finally to the DTC – ADAC PROCAR in which he absolved a very successful first season in 2013.

In the previous year, you already had the chance to test a MINI. How much different is driving a touring car in comparison with driving a kart?

[Lisa Brunner]: Basically there is a big difference between a kart and a touring car. It is just a very different kind of driving experience, the vehicle is heavier, there is a new gearshift, which I did not have in my KF2 kart, and I will probably learn more new things on the circuit.

Despite all these differences, I can still use my experience in kart sports. I gained a lot of racing experience that will definitely help me in touring car sports as well.

If you had to describe you career very quickly, what would be the most important moments?

[Lisa Brunner]: The years I drove for KSM Motorsport in the German Kart Championship as well as the European Championship in Wackersdorf and Brandon (GB). There were many wonderful moments, results and memories that I would not want to miss.

Your studies have a strong technical part. How versed are you in the technical details/knowledge of a kart or a race car?

[Lisa Brunner]: To me, it is very important to know the technical side and to know how the vehicle is set up. If I know, which technical parts can be changed on a vehicle and what they do, I can make the most out of the car even in changing conditions. I am the driver and I want to know the car best.

Therefore I will be able to do development work for my team and to put my vehicle into a better position. It is very important to “become one” with the vehicle, in order to get faster and more comfortable with it.

What are your wishes for your first season 2014?

[Lisa Brunner]: I wish to gain as many experience as possible for my future and I want to make the most out of every single race.


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